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Like a bird that returns to its nest in the evening ,I too have returned to my home town the Pink City ,well equipped with the wisdom and knowledge gleaned from the City of Bollywood and City Beautiful . My experiences and exposures to various places and people have not only strengthened  my vision but also given me a deep insight into the human psychology.  Those who move in the rut have little following as compared to the ones who dare to dream out of the box i.e. unconventionally and pursue their dreams with adamantine determination Every creature of God is a potential hub of Ideas and only a receptive and open mind stumbles upon new ideas . The need of the hour is to broaden our horizon . .Keeping in view the tide of the time of trans-continental exchange of concepts and the Hi –Tech society we are heading to, TAL AND CAL are of paramount importance and deserve top most priority My prime focus at K V 1 Jaipur would be to provide optimum opportunities to the students as well as staff members to acquire proficiency in computers. My active involvement in e Content and e-CTLT initiated by KVS has placed me at an advantageous position to endeavour assiduously for the furtherance of collaborative learning through these tools

In the age of globalization , where everyone is sucked into the vortex of cut throat competition, sculpting human beings imbued with noble virtues is a challenging task .The precincts of educational institutions are a training ground for Future Citizens of our nation.It is in their formative years that they imbibe sterling valued to forge ahead in Life. It is our foremost duty to empower the youngsters with academic vigour, a spirit of exploration and a futuristic vision 
My interaction with the stakeholders have infused confidence in me and boosted my morale  Let us Join hands and  orient all our  energies and  resources to inculcate invincible moral, ethical and spiritual values and  to produce confident, dynamic, courageous boys and girls who can make meaningful contribution to National Resurgence. 

I would like to sign off with the following lines written by Robert Frost
The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
 And Miles to go before I sleep

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