CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya
S.No. Initiative  Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not  Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation
1 School Readiness Programme for children  Class I in April 1.To make the new comers aware of school environment
2.To develop good teacher child relationship.
Realized All the class teachers of class I
2 School readiness programme for teacher.
The goals of NCF 2005 were revised by all the teachers
To have the clear concept of child centered and activity based joyful learning for holistic development of the children Realized All the teachers
3 Educational programmes on computer with CD’s and PPT  I-V Exposure of children to the latest computer aided learning technologies. Yes Mrs. Rama Sharma
Computer Teacher
Mr. Amar Chand
4 Using reading cards III- V
In set of block periods once a week
To develop reading proficiency, habits and moral values. Yes All the English teachers of class III- V
5 Using library books from class library I-V To develop reading proficiency, moral values and to enhance the knowledge. Yes All the class teachers
6 Advanced computer Aided Digital learning  I-V one set of block period once a week To make learning joyful and to get the clear concept. Yes All English and Maths Teachers.
7 Using TLM by making Teaching Aids as charts, Flash cards , activity sheets. I-V To develop creativity understanding and to make learning joyful and interesting. Yes All the teachers.
8 Spoken English classes III-V To improve the language efficiency and to develop speaking skill for communication with confidence. Yes All the English & Spoken teachers.
9 Film Shows I-V in last week of July To develop listening and observing efficiency and life Skills Yes Computer Teacher
10 (i)Evaluation- Activity Based CCE is in practice (ii)Formal Ist and IInd term test were conducted  I-II
To make learning burden free.
To learners assessment and to know the areas of weakness for deciding the remedial measures.
Yes All teachers of class I-II
All the teachers taking classes III-V
11 Parents Teaches Meeting I-V
To get the feedback and to decide remedial measures Yes All the teachers
12 Interclass Spelling Competition. III-V To encourage the children to learn spellings and to develop Vocabulary Yes English teachers of III-V
13 A session of workshop organized by Abacus Smart Brain. III-V  To get the awareness about the use of Abacus in Calculation. Yes Class teachers of Class III-V
14 Medical Check up of all the students has been done I-V   To develop health awareness. Yes All the class teachers.
15 Slogan writing competition to save water, energy, plants and environment IV-V
To develop awareness about the limited sources of water & energy.
To know the importance of plants
Yes EVS teachers of class IV & V
16 Short Stories, thoughts, poems and News in morning Assembly and display boards. I-V To inculcate the moral values
To develop confidence
Yes All the Teachers and students of house on duty.
17 (i)Drawing Competition- Interclass Drawing competition
(ii) Drawing competition By LIC
(iii)Drawing competition By Power Grid Corporation of India.


To develop imagination, creativity, interest and skills.
To develop the awareness about the environmental pollution and to know our role to keep environment clean, and to save energy
Yes All the teachers
18 Rangoli Competition. III-V
To develop imagination and creativity in the children. Yes Class teachers of class III-V.
19 Hindi Essay Writing Competition .  IV-V
To develop writing efficiency. Yes All Hindi Teachers
20 Dance Competition I-V
To bring out the hidden talents of the children. Yes All the teachers
21 Independence Day Celebration by presenting Patriotic songs, poems, speech and dances  I-V
To know the importance of National Festival and scarifies our Great Freedom Fighters. Yes All the teachers
22 Hindi Pakhwada was celebrated by organising Inter class Story telling competition & kavita path competition in Hindi. I-V  To know the importance of Hindi as Raj Bhasha. Yes All class teachers of I-V
23 Regular observation of the teaching learning activities by the Vice Principal and the Principal I-V To get the feedback for the improvement and to ensure to qualitative improvement in Primary Education. Yes The Vice Principal and the Principal
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